31 May 2014

Model and Hobby Show

I went along to the local Model and Hobby show today, just a small gathering of various hobbies. A lot of model train displays along with various other hobbies such as model boats, old school collections of toys, the usual model planes and tanks etc. Stamp collectors and rock collectors. There were some awesome displays of Meccano.

There were also a couple of stands doing 3D printing which was interesting. Once crowd had some impressive sculpts printed out. From the quality of the print outs they have come along way in the past couple of years. Looking at it the time input required for running your own 3D system and getting your moneys worth out of it, it would destroy what precious little gaming time I have , so it still doesn't seem to be an option for me. I would definitely get into it if .. when the costs come down further... or I win lotto.

I picked up some "Noch" tree's for HO scale trains that will make a nice addition to my Japanese theme gaming board along with some more "MiniNatur" maple foliage for various projects.

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