25 May 2014

Super Dungeon Explore

So with beer in hand one hand and dice in the other we rolled out a couple games of Super Dungeon Explore today. I ran the consol both times, and had a blast. I didn't have a couple of the rules quite right in the first game. (So I’m sure the boys will take a few digs at me for that …LOL) But even so we had fun.
Game one Mark playing the Deeproot Druid managed to be last man standing and he killed Starfire wining the game.
Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon ExploreSuper Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon ExploreSuper Dungeon Explore

The second game we actually play six Hero’s so everyone could play (the game is only a 5 player), which was a bit of fun, and we through in a sixth spawning point and treasure chest once a couple of them had been destroyed. We ended up timing out just a Starfire got onto the board. So I call that a draw. :-)

The models are well made and are going to be great fun to paint, as are the rest of the components I thought they were well made. I know there was a bit of flak about it from some people online, but a few card sleeves will sort out the thin cards issue.

A couple of things could have been done better in production of the map tiles, namely the difference between the walls and floor squares. They are a bit hard to distinguish between, especially once you start covering the board in monsters and hero’s. (a minor thing in the scheme of things)

The one thing that I recon that needs re-doing is the rule book. Not easy to go back and check rules at all. The rule book looks nice, but no real index …Ahrrrrr …. (I hate that)

Super Dungeon Explore
Theme                -         Awesome
Art Work             -         Fantastic
Models                -          Great
Rule Book           -         Average

Overall                -          Epic Fun

If you played Gauntlet as a child as much as I did … you cant live without this game, It is simply the board game version of an all time classic.(you can get over the rule book as its so much fun you forget about it) I can see myself buying some expansions very soon.