12 May 2014

Random stuff

Like my life at the moment, it full of random stuff happening and changing from one extreme to the other, so no surprise my gaming is a bit like that as well. (which is kinda normal for me anyway) My 15mm Samurai army has been a work in progress for some, but now it’s on my desk, I’m chipping away at it quite regally. With my first Yari battle group now on bases and three more battle groups lined up I’m actually feeling like I’m making progress finally.

I’ve also recruited some War Machine models in for my Kings of War army, with some of my Legion of Everblight going to see the table top again. I’ll be able to try out a few different lists and see if I can beat those bloody Angels of Phil's…. dirty, dirty beasts that they are.

I’ve also kept my terrain building momentum going and done up my first attempt at a bamboo forest. Think it needs some more work, the plastic leaves …looks a bit plastic, so I think I may have to paint them up a bit. Also finished my third rice paddy and a bunch of hedges.


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