28 May 2014

Edradour Beauty

For something a little different
My Scotch habit, is more of a what you might call a fluid addiction, which accompanies painting rather well. As long as you keep the scotch glass and brush water glass well separated…. Yes I have to admit I’ve made that mistake at least once or twice. Drinking brush water is a major step down from scotch, I can assure you of that.
So my current nectar for the pallet is a rather nice but different scotch. I thought about doing a review, then through better of it. My sense of smell and taste is pretty well warped. So I asked Mr Google what he thought.
Edradour 1997 Ibisco Bottling
Distilled on the 16th December 1997 at the Edradour distillery, it was aged for 14 years in cask number 566 before bottling on the 6th June 2011. A release of 566 cask strength bottles, packaged in beautiful Ibisco decanters
That's the marketing blurb above, then I found some interesting tasting notes online.

Staff Tasing Notes
Nose: Woody and spicy with some fresh mint. Something like Arbroath smokies at the back with rosewater and linseed oil present. becomies very herbaceous (Thyme)
Palate: A mouthful (thick and chewy). Spicy toast, bitter herbs and a 2 hour old piece of Hubba Bubba bubblegum with a hint of raisins coming out with water.
Finish: Slightly burnt.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Werther’s Originals, very malty, Manuka honey, Pecan Danishes.
Palate: Treacle, Candy floss, Juniper, Cardamom, Wood varnish. Gingernut biscuits.
Finish: Gingernut biscuit mix, before it goes in the oven. Very “musty” too, and rum-like. Astonishing!

The best thing about scotch, if you drink enough of it you can come up with some spectacular descriptions of what your drinking…2 hour old piece of Hubba Bubba…LOL
So what I think after my third glass …

Thick and Chewy sweetness with a lingering warm fire
… A.K.A … Awesome on a bloody cold winters night!

On the gaming side of things I picked up a couple of second hand rule books for Warmaster, more out of interest than anything else.

image image

I managed to do some modelling as well this week, getting stuck into my Bushido gang, making bases for them. Picture to come when i get them to a point worth taking photos.