14 February 2015

FOG Practice

Another cracking clear hot summers day for our monthly South Auckland Gaming club day. With the Battle Cry 2015 tournament next weekend, FOG Ancients was the game of the day so we could all get some practice in. Especially for me as I’m borrowing an army to play in the tournament since I didn't have one that fitted into this years theme. It was my first games with the army today. (thanks to Kevin for letting me borrow them) A Ptolemaic list of lots and lots of Pike, of which I’ve been on the receiving end of a brutal beating from Kevin when he used them against my Vikings a few months back.

First up was a game against Bryan with his Romans. Having not played FOG in quite some time the rules were in the usual rusty state of mind, and a few mistakes were made in the first game. It was an unusually brutal game on Bryan as my dice were on fire,seeing a large amounts of 5’s and 6’s. Adding to that a few rules blunder made it a very decisive win to me. If we had of played the rule correctly,I think I would still have won, but not as convincingly. With my numbers I managed to do the good old pincer move and get around on both flanks which helped win the game.

Second game was against Glen, and more Romans. This battle was alot harder with Glen’s larger units making it hard work. Lucky for me a fluke dice role killing one of his generals helped make a big difference in the middle of the battle. Then an outflanking move meant that I managed to collapse Glen’s main battle line completely, which soon resulted in me breaking Glens army for my second win of the day.

A good learning curve for me with a Pike based army, as both games were very different. A few blunders made for sure, which I wont do next week… hopefully.

Looking forward to Battle Cry.