08 February 2015

Rebel Accounting

Today was the day, an Epic scale X-wing game. So many ship, so much destruction.Or that’s what we thought was going to happen. With so many ships on the table things must get destroyed fast.
Only half the ships

The setup
More Ships

So Lee and Mark.D joined me on the Rebel Alliance side, while Paul, Phil and Mark commanded the Imperials.

Will ran as the umpire and kept the game going.

Thanks to Will’s organising of the scenario: Here’s the game plan. (repeated off Will’s Blog)  Which he’s posted up a good write up as well.


Play on a 6’ by 5’ table.
Scenario is Rebel Transports and Corvette are trying to escape from Hoth. Star Destroyers in the vicinity are out of action thanks to the giant boob gun on Hoth, but the Rebel forces can’t muck around as the Destroyers won’t be inactive for long. Imperial Tie’s are still very active though and a swarm soon emerge from their hiding places in a nearby asteroid field.
Rebel forces have to ensure the Transports & Corvettes survive long enough to be able to clear the local asteroid field and engage hyper drives. Imperial forces are trying to destroy all Rebel forces.
A large number of ships on the table are going to be a nightmare to keep track off/move/shoot etc and keep the game moving even with multiple players and numbered ships, so starting forces are….

Rebel forces:
2 Rebel Transports + 1 CR90 Corvette -> up to 250pts in total
1 escort squadron of up to 4 ships -> 100pts max

Imperial forces:
3 squadrons of up to 4 ships -> 100pts max per squadron
Each turn (starting on turn 1), both sides can bring on additional squadrons (up to 4 ships & 100pts max per squadron) up to a maximum of 5 squadrons for Imperials and 4 squadrons for the Rebels on the table at any one time. This is done in the end phase.
Squadrons can be withdrawn during the end phase of any turn.

Rebel player chooses a short edge of the table and deploys all ships first.
Rebel ships must be deployed within range 3 of the chosen short edge.
Imperial squadrons are deployed within 6” of the centreline of the table.
The Rebel side has Initiative.

There is no limit to the total number of squadrons available over the course of the game. Just keep bringing them on until the game ends!

New squadrons can be deployed from any table edge outside of range 3 of any opponent’s ships. They can activate as normal in the next turn. Ships must be deployed within range 1 of at least one other ship in the same squadron.

Named pilots/crew/ships and upgrades labelled as “unique” (normally indicated by a dot on the card next to the card name) can only appear once in the entire game.

When building your squads in the online squad builders, please note that pilots & upgrades etc. that are unreleased should not be used.

We will use cards for the CR-90 & Transports to manage and allocate energy.

A small asteroid field (12 asteroids) will be set-up in a section 4” either side of the centreline (short side). Asteroids are placed 1 at a time by each side and must be outside of range 1 of any table edge or other asteroid. (We'll change this on the day if the set-up looks a bit naff).

Game ends after 10 turns.
Winner determined on VP.
Imperial’s get 5 VP for each transport/corvette section destroyed, 3 VP for each Rebel squadron destroyed, 1 VP for each Rebel squadron withdrawn
Rebel’s get 5 VP for each transport/corvette section that survives, 3 VP for each Imperial squadron destroyed, 1 VP for each Imperial squadron withdrawn.

So basically, we're going to have 3 huge ships on the table with something like 30 odd Rebel & Imperial fighters swarming around them!

So the GAME begins

Oh Crap!!! Here they come.

Wall of Death
Damn those Bombers are hard to kill.

Rebels deploy, and take up lots of table edge space and spread out to reduce the entry points for the Imperial flank attacks. The Imperials sneak in a squad of Tie Bomber’s on our left rear flank. Some heavy fighting takes pace and as the Rebels fail to quickly dispatch the Bombers. We sneak a squad of B-wings in behind the Imperial battle line but they are to slow to cause any damage and slow things down as we had hoped.

A few turns into it and they finally dispatch the bombers but take several losses from there bomb’s and after they inflict some damage on the first transport vessel.

The mass approach of the Imperials across the entire board comes up rather quickly and they sped through the asteroid belt.

A mass fur ball of a battle then erupts on the left flank and I start playing kamikaze with the huge ships as our firepower is just not making a dent in the Imperial ships numbers.

With ships everywhere the Transports start taking a beating along with the Tantive, and then there was some shenanigans….. (all unintentional of course).
“Thanks to the careful and ruthless planning of the Rebel Alliance spy who infiltrated the accounting depart of the Imperials (Who we shall name : Rob). His wide spread weapon budget cuts went unnoticed for the most part. This saved many Rebel lives and his rise through the imperial ranks continues. His accounting achievements of the past few hours will be immortalized in Rebel history”

I was trying to keep track of damage on lots of ships and had a brain fart moment, adding the damage to my shields instead of subtracting the damage … the poor Imperials cried foul play …. So the sledging began :-)

So after a slight adjustment of shield values we were all back into destroying each other, and for some strange reason the sledging never stopped.

The Imperials then hammered home there number advantage and took out one transport and the forward section of the Tantive.

Turn 10 comes around, and the Rebels are well behind on Victory points facing total defeat. I power up all the shields I can on both the remaining section of the Tantive and the largely untouched Transport.

After the final dice are rolled, the Transports survives as does the Tantive rear section, by only 1 hull point. Thus giving the Rebels the win by 2VP (or 1) cant remember. A win never the less.

Lot’s of fun, lots of sledging, lot’s of ships… not much dying though. A hell of a lot of fun. So thanks to the lads for an epic day.

I think this mass battle must be done again, with a few tweaks to the setup and less upgrades on the ships across the board, so things die faster.

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