02 February 2015

X-Wing and Dragons.

So yesterday I got some actual gaming in and managed to get in two games of X-wing and lots of general chit chat about Infinity and the up and coming games. Both Mark and Will have posted lots on the games so I wont repeat that.


Plus I didn't even take any photos. I was to focused on learning how to die slowly using the Rebel Transports in preparation for next weeks mega battle. It’s going to be awesome, but rather difficult for the Rebels I think.

Then by accident I re-discovered the Dungeon’s and Dragons Attack wing. Which I had forgotten completely about, it’s just hit the third wave release. Now being a original D&D player and a huge dragon fan (tattoo’s and all) I couldn't pass on this after watching a few video reviews. So I collected the Starter box today and have just cracked it open.

Hmmmm… first annoying thing ..I discover they have given me Star Trek Attack wing dice … hmmm..not good… It will be interesting to see how Wizkids responds when I email them. From a quick look the dice will work fine in the interim, I’ll just have to work which symbol is which.

Now on the bright side the models for the Red and Blue dragons are really nice and well painted, the Cooper dragon is a nice model, but the paint job is a bit lacking. It’s basically just one color, not the two tones of like the Red and Blue dragons.

If I look at my Star Trek Attack wing models and compare the paint jobs, the dragons are way better, so a thumbs up there. Looking forward to try out a game.