22 February 2015

The Wooden Spoon

Oh yeah … nothing like getting the wooden spoon at a tournament.

So Battlecry 2015 event was held at a new venue, the Remuera Bridge Club. I believe thanks to our lovely council hiking the costs through the roof for the previous location at the ASB stadium…..(insert large amounts of colorful language about Auckland City council…bleep … bleep … money grubbing …..bleep bleep ..bulling …bleep .. bureaucrats … yes they aren't my favorite people )

A much smaller venue saw alot less things happening, but not that I ever got to see much else as I’m normally playing in the Fields of Glory tournaments anyway. I found it alot cooler today once they got the ceiling fans going, so that was a big bonus as the ASB stadium got crazy hot in the afternoons. Space was a little tight, but nothing to crazy. So all in all a good location and close to some nice cafe's to get my caffeine fix.

With the usual suspects from the South Auckland Gaming Club there, and a bunch of others from down south we had five tables going. The opening round was

Arthur Young  vs Stephen Ladanyi
Kevin Carberry vs Richard Jeffrey
Cavan Orsbourne Vs Richard Woolford
Bryan Orsbourne Vs Scott Gallagher
Robert Wood vs Ian Doel

So yesterday I played Ian up first,who I’d never meet before. A really good game which I got totally wiped after a few awful dice rolls at the wrong times and as well as Ian being a very good player.
My second game on Saturday was up against Cavan with his Spartan army .. Oh my god .. the Orsbourne Dice rolling machine of destruction versus my dice rolling (an armless leper could have rolled better than what I did)… safe to say I got completely wiped out.

I never took many pictures,I was too busy getting slaughtered. :-)

Then today my first game was up against Kevin, who I had borrowed the Ptolemaic army off. So he got to play against his own army. At that stage after day one, the both of us were at the bottom of the points table. The dice rolling continued to be epically bad for both of us, but my lack of playing with the army showed, and Kevin changing his tactics and using his chariots effectively saw me crumble and then collapse in a spectacular fashion. (It was rather funny in the end)

Then the final game was against Scott with his Gallic force. Last time I played Scott he lost pretty much purlly on bad dice rolls. This time the match up was going to be alot closer as long as the dice behaved.
As it turned out the game was very close ending with Scott taking an early lead and my pike making hard work of in middle of the table. In the end it was a draw with Scott taking 12 points from me and I got 8 from him. By far my best game and also the most enjoyable. A close game is a always a good game.

A great weekend gaming done and dusted. Even if I got the wooden spoon

Thanks to Kevin for being the umpire and also lending me his army.  And thanks to Glen and Bryan from Battleline Miniatures for sponsoring the tournament.

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