05 February 2015

oh yes … it’s more Greeks

My last box of Greeks turned up a couple of days ago, a box of Victrix Peltasts. They are of course awesome models. the details are as I expected (awesome) and match in well with the other Victrix and Warlord Greeks I already have. So I now have all my models for my starter army for Hail Caesar for our March campaigns at the Club. So far I’ve only assembled a few of the new models, With the only gripe is the slingers, slings are rather fine and I broke a couple.  Not a major though as they had several options with arms. My rate of progress on painting them has all but stopped, with other distractions. But with a public holiday tomorrow I have scheduled in a couple of hours painting.
With Sundays huge X-wing game fast approaching I spent  the last 2 hours sorting out all the cards and tokens and sorting out transport options and boxes for all my models…. God damn there are alot of tokens and cards and I only have 24 models. The game is going to be Epic. Watch this space for lots of pictures of the game.

And of course I found some more models at a local stare today, when I went in to pickup some card sleeves. I had to even up the odds in the D&D attack wing, so I picked up the Silver Dragon today, so I have 4 dragons now. The  models, spells and imagery bringing back all those memories of hours lost in other worlds and playing D&D as a young lad…I’m so looking forward to having a few games of this.

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