20 December 2015

Empire of the Dead

A quite days gaming today, with just three of us usual suspects around at Marks. Well maybe it was more like two and half, with Mark' current bad back, he was hobbling around in quite a bit of pain. Fingers crossed the next round of treatment starts to get him some relief.

So we busted out our first couple of games of Empire of the Dead. I've had Captain Nemo and his crew for quite some time, when I got them off Will's fanatical purchase of the Kickstarter. Now Will had gotten into the kickstarter and also got a bunch of buildings at the same time. We didnt actually realize how much he had. So when Will unboxed it all onto the table that already had my City Block buildings on it ...(Holy crap)  we now have a full city table and then some, just needs a bit of paint on some buildings. Even without paint it looked awesome.

First game was all three of us playing with our chosen factions on the table as we went through the rules and found our feet with the game. Then Mark was off getting his Werewolf geek on ( Mark had gone with the Werewolf pack) and helping with the rules as Will and I had another game ... very short game it was as I found out how effective rifles and a little good rolling can do, as Will utterly annihilated me... A little adjustment of my list is in order. But still its a good way to learn the rules.

Some more discussion and  a bit more planning and we are going to roll out a small campaign over the Christmas break.