25 December 2015

The Christmas Loot.

Having a Norwegian Wife, we celebrate Christmas on the eve with her family, and then have Christmas day the following with my family, which works out rather well, as we never get any conflicts.

But this year with my family all over the place I got to spend Christmas at home, sleep in, open more presents, have an afternoon nap and put together some of my Xmas gifts.
The Christmas loot has been good this year, with a little help with from myself on a few extra things.

So gaming wise I got a new board game which looks like a good fun.
A 2-8 player game which is unusual for a board game to cover that many players.

My awesome wife got me some terrain from Renedra which will work perfectly for ACW and quite a few other games as well. The Ramshackle Barn along with the stone and cross fence. The barn is already built and on a base, undercoated and ready for painting.

I picked up the Kings of War supplement book “Uncharted Empires” along with finally getting around to acquiring a copy of the Saga rules, since I have two boxes of Vikings on my desk for this.
I’m pretty sure the Viking dice are the most expensive dice I’ve ever bought, but its Christmas, so whaooo.
Then our local suppler had started stocking some of the Plast Craft Pre-Cut buildings, so I picked up a Fukei Building for my Japanese terrain to try it out. They have some cool looking walls, what would add a lot to my terrain collection, so I’ll see how this first buiding goes before getting more.

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