18 December 2015

The Project Pile

Are yes, the ever increasing list of gaming projects, which I just added some more buildings to last week from Sarrisa. Every year I add more and more little projects and sometimes large projects to the ever increasing number of games. So this Christmas holidays, (Last week doesn't count cos  I'm still working) I’ve decided to stomp on that habit, and actually pick up a bunch of those projects that have been sitting around half finished for months and even years in some cases.

 The other reason is that I’m getting Mark to paint my ACW, so my gaming funds are all going into that. My list of projects could be very long and depressing, so I’ve gone with just a few that I’m likely to get finished and should also be fun. First up is a nice easy one to finish off, my Japanese 4ground buildings, which I have two still in the unopened bags and one half built. These can be used for a bunch of games, including Bushido, which Mark and I haven’t gotten around to playing yet.

The main project I want to finish is my Pirate Ship which I got a few years back after having a blast playing Jason in a few games of Pirates of the High Sea’s.

After that I have three units of 15mm Japanese Samurai for FOG Renaissance in the basing stage, so should be another quick easy one to complete…. God knows how many other units for this army I still have in the draw. If I get the three finished I may be inspired to complete my Egyptian army that I’m meant to use in next years Battlecry, so that’s going to be my forth project to try and complete.
Beyond that I'm not holding my breath on what I'll get done.

So far this week I have managed to complete another unit of my Greeks for Hail Cesar as there were almost finished anyway.

And I've already got alot more done on the Pirate ship this week, deck is down and mast's in. Still alot to do, but its now table worthy. Pictures have a few models for Empire of the Dead which we are playing for the first time on Sunday. 


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