14 December 2015

The end of year carnage

Saturday past saw the last South Auckland Wargaming Club day. It was our mass ECW game, which proved to be the biggest game at the club yet. (well at least the biggest I've been to past few years). We were using the Warlord Games, Pike and Shotte rule set with 6 of us having armies to combine.

The setup was a small table of 6 foot by 16 foot with some scattered terrain around the edges and a farm and village right smack in the center. With a few new gamers on the scene, and a couple of people without models we split up the forces and took sides.

The estimates were we had over 3000 models on the table, which I'm going to confirm later on in the week. Here's my bad attempt at putting together three photos to show the whole table.
ECW - South Auckland War Gaming Club

Let the carnage begin

ECW - South Auckland War Gaming ClubECW - South Auckland War Gaming Club

After the sides were selected and the battle plans put in place, we started into it.
 The Parliamentary team (which I was on) decided to leave one end of the battle field with a thin resistance force while we pile on the devastation at the other end and then wrap around to consume the remainder of the royalist forces. So with a huge Cavalry deployment down one end and Jason commanding our resistance force at the other, we got underway

ECW - South Auckland War Gaming Club

Kevin's Scots and my forces took the town and prepared to defend it. With not knowing the building rules well at all, our first blunder was to put our storming parties in the buildings . wont do that again.

ECW - South Auckland War Gaming Club

Meanwhile Jason was valiantly resisting the overwhelming odds.

The carnage started in the town

My first storming party taking its first victory and defending the building against over whelming odds... with a bit of luck from the dice gods, they survived a couple more turns before falling.

The cavalry battle stood still for the first few turns as the canons pounded at each other.

The town turned into a blood bath or pike slaughter.

 The main battle group finally got their butts moving, as did the Cavalry.

Lunch time came and went, as the tides turned and twisted. My army broke and began to retreat but held on long enough to break Mark's Royalists, then Bryan's Royalist cavalry also broke. Jason's resistance finally broke on our flank with the onslaught of numbers. Leaving Kevin just enough time to break Saul's army. Forcing the Royalists to concede.

So an awesome game rounding off a great year at the club. 

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