01 January 2014

The 2014 Plan

So as 2014 dawns, and my usual new year head ache starts to subside, and I think of what is to come in the year of 2014. So there is of course the Christmas presents hoard that I got given, then along with that there is the mountain of unpainted metal and plastic sitting on the shelf beside me.

Now I go back and read my own last post from 2012. LMAO, to quote myself from 2012

“(yes I know I’m weak and pathetic when it comes to shiny new toys, but I can always pretend to stick to my plan)”

Yep, the shiny new toys got me in 2013, So this year the plan is the same as last years plan. NOT…yes NOT to add any more miniature games to the collection. It’s about 30 miniature games that I have rules and miniatures for.  I must reduce that mountain of hideous unpainted metal and plastic. Now I know this is going to be extremely difficult for me since I failed miserably last year. I decide that I’d let myself still get models for the existing games I have. (There is one exception, which is Bushido, as I had already committed to getting some models and Mark has his already, I just haven't gotten to order them yet.)

Now to alleviate the restrictions on new miniature games, there is always board games. Which brings me to my Christmas hall of goodies.

Mice and Mystics Board game along with the expansion was a surprise present. We were playing it at midnight, so it’s the first game of this year.  (Yes, I stated home with the wife, drank scotch and played board games … what a geek)

 3d-box-right-mice-and-mystics         3d-box-right-mm-hog




I got myself The Legends of Drizzt with some vouchers I got given. The reviews are pretty good for it and it a co-op game which will make it more fun to play with the nephews and wife.



I also got given some more expansions for the LCG Call of Cthulhu. Love this game, simple and elegant, and so many possible combinations.

 call-of-cthulhu-the-card-game-asylum-pack-the-spawn-of-the-sleeper-600x600  that-which-consumes-pack-glam call-of-cthulhu-the-card-game-asylum-pack-the-horror-beneath-the-surface-600x600

And to round of the Christmas hall, for gaming and modelling that is, I got myself a couple of garage kits. Why you ask? Well I want to up my skills with air brush and being 1/6 scale they are large enough to air brush most of the model. Also they are different from everything else that I’ve really done and I’ve been having fun painting the kit I bough way back in late 2011/2012.

12aa54ff096068d7e2f79e645109a445_4 381d4aab911cb79133990db0c9771d1f_4

As for other new year resolutions, they are simply play more games, paint more and have fun while doing it all.