20 February 2013

Bra’s and Bullets

Yep, that's right, the Cowgirls are coming out of hiding to take there revenge after there last beating at the hands of the Mexicans.

After the BattleCry tournament last weekend and lots of games of FOG, we decide for a bit of a change up in games. It’s been a long while since we busted out a The Wild West game, so Mark is dusting off the Mexicans to go toe to toe with my Cowgirls once again. So I'll have to do some rules reading before Sunday, but thanks to my blog, I’ve still got my original list of Cowgirls.

Now of course a blog post about cowgirls has to include a little bit of research, so I let Mr Google do the work and found this little gem. Nothing to do with gaming of course, but good for painting scheme…..lol…

Already looking forward to Sunday gaming with the Cowgirls and busting out my finished Cascuda in an Infinity game.. roll on Sunday.

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