18 February 2013

Mission Cascuda

Yes, let Mission Cascuda begin.

Infinity Combined Army Cascuda

I finished the wings on my Cascuda tonight, so he’s finally ready to make the table and cause some carnage. Not to sure how the wings will go on the table, as I’ve left them detachable for transport. I guess I’ll find out very soon.

Infinity Combined Army Cascuda

In a few more months we will be having some epic battles with fully paint armies and a fully painted table, stock full of cool painted terrain. (Nudge, nudge, wink wink, lads.. get a move on and get those buildings painted  …LOL.)

Now I just have to stay focused on painting the rest of my Infinity army and not think about a certain very large dragon style model …. or those hundreds of Samurai screaming to be painted.

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