15 February 2013

Ahrrrrr ….. BattleCry 2013

Models Painted, terrain painted, dice, tape measures, rule book, army lists, food. Check .. All packed and ready to go …check.

Drinking Scotch … CHECK

I’m ready for BattleCry Field of Glory 2013 tournament. 

So the real question is how are the Dice God’s going to treat me this year, or is that beat me this year. Only time will tell. I’m aiming to do as good as last year, which was only one win in four. I’m using the exact same Viking list as I did last year.


It’s only a small tournament of 8 players, with the draw already been decided for the first match's. I’m up against the Later Hindu Southern Indians first up which will be very interesting and hard game. A shooting army versus my Melee army.


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