17 February 2013

BattleCry 2013–Field of Glory

Day two of BattleCry and my first match up was against Kevin with his butt kicking Later Ptolemaic army. Last time a played him about a month ago he completely wiped me out. So I knew I was in for a hard fight. Although this time I knew I couldn't roll dice as badly as last time. So my aim was to get as many points as I could, and of course try for a win.

We spent the first hour manoeuvring around the table as we both tried to figure out what the other was up to. Unfortunately I didn't cover my flank well enough and Kevin's cavalry got around behind my main battle line. A few turns after that I paid the price dearly and losing 3 generals over the course of the game didn't help much either. It ended after a long hard fort battle with Kevin finally managing to break my army wining 11/7 (I think, may have been 11/5)

(Kevin,s Deployment had me a little guessing with the big whole in the middle)



(Evil cavalry sneaking in behind my battle line.)



Overall I made a couple of mistakes, which really hurt my Viking (letting cavalry get behind you is never good). But they were good lessons and hopefully they will stick in the old brain this time. They definitely help in the next game.

My second game was against Scott with his Han Chinese army. Only 10 battle groups, which meant I had more (11) which is rare for me to actually out number anyone. Although reality is I only have 10, as my mob of Thralls is really a living meat road bump. So facing lots of cavalry and mounted light foot, I was very careful of my flanks this time. With a favourable battlefield void of terrain for the most part on my side I had an ok chance. That chance turned quickly into a very good chance of wining as Scott's dice rolls were just awful, to the point that I think they were breaking some laws of statistics. Seriously I never seen so many 1's in my life. So safe to say I won that game 10/5. It really should have been much closer battle. But that's how dice roll sometime..( I know all to well).


So two wins and two loses, one better than last year. Overall I did a hell of a lot better than last year, not only on points, but at a command level. I guess that just comes with experience and practice. I came in 4th over all out of 8. The best part was all four games were fun, even losing badly in the first game was fun as I learnt a few thing. As was last year everyone was was laid back and the new guys I played against were really friendly. Good fun games and laid back, what more could you ask for.

I'll be there next year again for sure. May even play my Egyptians, who knows.

I’ll post the official results in a few days when I get them.