07 April 2013

Back to Gaming

It was nice to take a break from gaming over the long Easter weekend. So it was back into gaming today. First up was an Infinity game with Phil. Yet another army list based on some of my new models that have just arrived. It ended up a draw, thanks to my inability to kill a civilian after five goes at him.


Phil’s new custom creates and containers look awesome. He had designed them and had them laser cut out of MDF.

After that we rocked out a game of Wings of War WWI, using the huge Gotha Bomber. (What a cool model). My bombing run with the flying whale missed, but it has inspired me to get some bombers for my WWII kit.

Wings of War WWIWings of War WWIWings of War WWIWings of War WWI

Then onto our first X-wing game with the Falcon and an A-Wing up against 5 Tie fighters. The rebels wining in the end after Phil pulled two direct hit cards and lost fighters quickly.


Then to round off the afternoon we played a Wings of War WWII game. My first Zero got absolute blown out of the sky in one round. Those number 8 damage tokens just hurt with the come out. My second one followed pretty quickly after than as well. It’s a quick fun game.

Wings of War WWIIWings of War WWIIWings of War WWIIWings of War WWII

A fun relaxing day to end my two week holiday, back to the grind tomorrow.