21 April 2013

Mass Battle

An 800 point battle, yep, everything we had was on the table in one big mass game of Dust Warfare. Phil and I taking my SSU up against the Axis commanded by Will and Mark. We left out the most of the Hero's, with only one per side so not to complicate things to much. Three helicopters and one plane on the board looked awesome, along with all the walkers and tanks on both sides. Oh.. and one or two infantry models as well….LOL…only 20 units versus 24… not many really.


My new huts look pretty cool in black and white, (love Photoshop) not so much on a brown matt, one day I’ll actually get around to finishing off my winter table.


The Helicopters actually did there job in this game, unfortunately not a lot else did and the SSU took a good old fashioned beating.


I really need to re-read the rules and play more, same old story, too many games and not enough time. That’s no excuse, just a fact, still great to see all the toys on the table.


After the mascara in Dust we rolled out a quick game of Legends of the Wild West with some real basic gangs. The Cow Girl’s versus the Mexicans in the Vendetta scenario. The Cow Girls hold up in the tavern in the middle of town as the Mexicans came at them from two sides.

Wild West-035Wild West-036Wild West-037

Sneaky Mexicans moving around the back of the builds to try and outflank the Girls on a third side, which ultimately meet in a fire fight with some six gun action and the girls kick Mexican butt.

Wild West-038Wild West-042Wild West-039

Deadly dynamite took out two of the Girls in a lucky throw through the window.

Wild West-040

The Cow girls fort off the Mexicans in the end for the win as Mexicans broke and ran for the hills after losing half there gang early on. But they managed to stay in the game for another three rounds before finally failing there “Head for the Hills” (morale) roll. By which time they had made a good fight back and taken out half the Cow Girls. It’s fun little game.