01 April 2013

Classic Fighters Omaka 2013

Four days of pure awesome…. with an OMG what an Airshow. We got stunning hot  weather or 24-27 degrees (putting aside a 2 hour downpour) for a spectacular display of flying some incredible machines.  Between the three of us we shot over 12,500 photos and videos. From the magical WWI Fokkers to the P51 Mustang and Spitfires all the way through to the Venom. What a show.

Omaka 2013 Spitfire

This is the first great picture I’ve pulled out of the Spitfire …(got days of work to go over them all) and I’m not complaining one bit. In fact I’m still smiling and will be for some time. I must say seeing the seven WWI Fokkers flying was incredible as was the Focke Wulf FW 190… more pics to come in the next few days as I get though them..…lot’s of Wings of War to be played in the coming weeks ;- )