13 April 2013

Club Day

South Auckland Club day was a quite affair this month, with a few of the regulars away and some having to leave early. The usual FOG games going, along with some Lord of the Rings and Bolt Action.



Phil and I played a couple of games of Infinity, using all his building. But only at one level as if we were in an underground complex, which made for quite a different gaming experience. We used the YAMS rules for both games. I tried out my Preta spam list and adjusted it for the second game after a few things became apparent in the first game. Suppression fire made a good impact and both sides making good use of it.  I really must get my models painted, now that I’ve got a good core base for my lists.


I lost the first game 3VP to 4VP, which was pretty good for me. I’m still struggling with working out how to best score points of some of the missions. (more practice required I think). The second game I lost 2VP to 5VP, again with some of the mission messing me up. But the game was a really hard fort one, with my Preta’s really working well. I’ve finally got the hang of them I think. Also helps when you have six of them.


And to round of the day I pulled out Wings of Glory for a quick game. My Zero’s losing against the Allied… never helps when you crash into your own planes and cause damage of 50% in the first turn on one plane. It’s a great fun, not to serious game.


So three losses today, but all good fun.