11 January 2014

Club Day Annual Napoleonic's

Today was the first meeting of the South Auckland War Gaming Club for 2014. The standing mass battle of 28mm Napoleonic's for the first meeting of the year took on a new epic scale this year. A 16 foot long table with a third 8 foot table making a T-shape.

The game was in memory of John Berry (coming up 6 years since he passed away). I never meet him as it was before I joined the club, but it sounds like he was a champion of the gaming cause and a nice guy.

Club-Day-031 Club-Day-059
Using some old school rules and a ridiculous amount of miniatures (thanks to the guys for supplying all the stuff) we split into teams and formed up some battle plans. With so much going on and so many of us doing different things I wont attempt to do battle report as it wouldn't do the game justice.

Glen, Kevin, Mike and myself took the French with a Spanish attachment up against the Russian and Bulgarians. So here's an epic amount of photos for an epic game.

 In the end and after an entire day gaming, the French and Spanish take the victory.
 (Big thanks to all the guys for an awesome days gaming)