12 January 2014

W.I.P - Painting Progress

My painting effort so far this year has taking off, having had a break and holidays seems to have got me re-enthused to paint again. But today's effort in painting was well and truly dashed by that annual accounts (one of those necessary evil’s in life) but I still managed to get a couple of hours in and further my Ronin boys closer to being finished. Touch ups and basing still to do, but 6 pretty much done and 4 to go.

2014-01-12 18.44.49f Also in keeping with my new year goal of painting the models I have, I got stuck into several terrain bits for Mob wars I hadn’t finished up yet. Along with preparing a few other models. I’d thought I’d start a log of my painting, similar to my Gaming records. Here’s a quick list in no particular order  … (man I have alot to paint)

Ronin 4
Empire of the Dead 10
Steam Punk Gang 10
Mob Wars 11
Dr Who 7
Pirates 8
Pirate Ship (Large) 1
Wild West Civi’s 2
Bushido 8
Flames of War an obscene amount of Russians
Hell Dorado 8
FOG Renaissance Complete Samurai Army
Gladiator 18
Uncharted Seas  - Elves 9
1/6th Garage Kit models 2
1/32nd Scale Airplane models 3
Dark Age 2
Heavy Gear 5
Infinity 31
Firestorm Armada 10
War Machine 40+
War Hammer 40K 50+
War Hammer fantasy 50+
Dust - vehicles 6
Dust – infantry 46