21 January 2014

Garage Kit – Dark Elf

I finally got around to taking some photos of my first finished Garage Kit. It was definitely a learning experience and I made lots of small mistakes and a few big ones. It was well worth it though as I learnt alot. I've already got two other kits from a different supplier (http://www.e2046.com/) and the quality is so much better, the resin is also a bit more flexible and the casting is far superior compared to this kit that I got from http://homemedia4u.com , so I already know the second kit is going to be much better than the first.

Linage Dark Elf

So the mistakes I made and learnt from

1. Chipped her ear – need to handle parts a bit better, it strange handling such large part compared to the 28mm models that fit in your palm.
2. Masking wasn't up to standard, and had several band runs onto the skin.
3. The repaint of her body skin was required, but I never repainted her face so the skin colors don't match that well.
4. Prep work – should have spent a bit more time sanding and using higher grade sand paper (already got some for my second kit)

Live and Learn