10 January 2014

Smuag is Awesome

Yes, I finally got around to going to watch the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Wednesday night. The visuals were epic and Smuag is awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch playing the voice of Smuag is awesome, he makes Smuag really come to life. The only thing I could fault the movie on was the sound, or lack of. Not sure if it was just the theatre I was in, but the sound was like is was missing a mid track. It just lacked that something, not sure how to describe it, it was just missing something . The 3D effects were great, and not over the top with head spinning senses like in the first movie.I’m definitely going to see it again.

Tonight I got in another game of Mice and Mystics using my newly painted miniatures. Talk about making the game, it looks so much better with painted models. I’ve only got the 6 mice to finish, then it will be onto the rest of the stack of models on my desk.

 Mice and Mystics

Played the second chapter of the game (AKA the second scenario) which was fun, especially when the cat Brodie turned up and captured two of the mice hero’s.

Mice and Mystics Mice and Mystics

So far I found the rules for the scenario lacking in a few of the finer points. We keep coming up with questions on the scenarios. So it may take a bit of internet searching to see if they have clarified the rules a bit better, but overall it’s a fun game.