19 January 2014

Smash'ed Em' Bro

For those who don't live in NZ, they probably wont know the TV sports segment we have here referred to as "Smash'ed EM' Bro"( But I think you can work it out). Well in a game of FOG on Sunday, it happened. For some bizarre unknown reason, the Dice God's were out for complete an utter blood in my first game. And for once it wasn't Viking blood.

I was using my 600 point tournament list of Vikings up against Phil s Spartans. Not only was I rolling good dice, but almost every re-roll I got hit. Then if I did need to make a death check or cohesion roll, I was passing them so often even the God's wouldn't have wanted to bet against me. I lost three bases the whole game and had one battle group break. So it was a complete and utter Spartan blood bath. And it wasn't due to my deployment or any super sneaking rules or anything, just simple God or maybe demon blessed dice. Sorry Phil, that just how it rolled.

And yep, I used a complete set of different dice than I normally do.... think I may save them for the tournament next month.

My second and third games of FOG today were against Will with his Roman's. Now before today, Will's Romans were bating the heads of my Vikings, winning 100% of the games. So in the first turn of our first game it was heading that same way and it continued for that game. I did manage to break a few of his battle groups but got beaten soundly.

The second game however was quite different. I actually thought about some tactics and they worked to a degree.(shock horror ... me...having tactics... and trying to maneuver Viking) Anyway, this time my dice demons were back on my side, and I had some advantages with overlaps and numbers. All adding up to a complete reversal of the first game against the Romans. If fact I was another Smashed Em' Bro moment.

All in all a good day for the Vikings, winning two out of three games. So I now pretty happy with my list for the tournament.