04 January 2014

Great start to the Year

With 2014 well under way, I've just registered for the Battle Cry Tournament in February. The Vikings will be putting in another appearance, with the smaller 600 point games this year instead of 800 points, my Egyptians are definitely staying on the shelf. With smaller battle fields they have no room to manoeuvre and would just get squashed way to easily. (as proven in previous games late last year). My army list is really simple… lots and lots of sharp pointy sticks.

I've already played a game of X-Wing with my 11 year old nephew, which was alot of fun and the little bugger managed to win as well. Also got a second game of Mice and Mystic’s under out belts. It was alot easier this time, after we realized a mistake in the way we were playing… making it a gazillion times harder for ourselves in the first game.

Painting wise I got stuck into the models for Mice and Mystics over the last couple of nights. A few people online have done some really nice paint jobs on these models, so I had plenty of inspiration. Here's what I've done so far.

I'm now working on the Cockroach's.

Today I got stuck into cleaning up and basing a bunch of models, the first 10 were my Captain Nemo gang for Empire of the Dead. I've removed the slot base tabs and put them all onto some dragon Forge bases. Pinning them all as well. It was actually really easy with a metal cutting disc on the Dremal.


After that I found some old Samurai models in one of my boxes and realized I can use them for Ronin.  They were a bit more work, removing the old school metal bases, repairing a let or two and mounting them on 25 mm bases. It's a bit of an odd ball bunch, but I'll see if I can use them in Ronin.

Also my first garage kit is coming along. I've made several big mistakes, but it's all a learning curve. I think the next one will be much easy, as the casting is so much better than this one, and it's also slightly larger scale which will help. The chalk pastel technique was really interesting to try out. I found the Army painter varnish dulled it down quite a bit, so next time I'll be using about double the shading I think.