16 February 2014

Battlecry 2014 – Day 2

Another cracking summer day saw us in for a hot afternoon at day 2 of Battlecry 2014. After my whippings of yesterday I was matched up with Arthur in my first game. The game started well and it was tit for tat for quite awhile, and then things went south. Arthur breaking my army in the end, but I did get kill half his army so got some points.

Second game of the day was a rematch of Phil’s Spartans, who I beat up a few weeks back. Phil deployed well and had lined up my softer Freeman for a pasting by his Spartans. So in fear of receiving that pasting, I tried a manoeuvre that was a little risky. I ran my heavy hitting Huscarls forward and slide them across partly in front of the Freeman so they would all overlap. Managing to find enough turns I got the line reformed enough to survive the first impacts. The turning point of the game was when I sneaked around the end of Phil’s battle line and hit them in the side, thing turned really good for me as a result and I won the game losing only one battle group.

Last game of Battlecry I landed with facing Will and his Romans. So for fun I went a little nuts and chose mountain terrain with as much as I could get on the table. The dice decided to laugh at me soon after as Will rolled me completely.

So I ended up coming 6th (I think) on the points table…. out of 8. Not bad for so many pasting's. The weekend was alot of fun and the 600 points games were great fast fun. I definatelly be going along again next year.Thanks to Battleline Miniatures for the sponsorship.  http://www.battleline-miniatures.co.nz/

I took a few other shots of things going on.

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