13 February 2014

Battlecry 2014

This coming weekend the 2014 Battlecry tournament is on in Auckland. I’ve entered into the Field of Glory Ancients competition again with my Viking horde.  It looks like it’s a small group, with only 10 of us, most of who I already know which means it should be alot of fun, as the guys are all pretty laid back and no idiot ego’s or Muppets to deal with. So I’m really looking forward to it.

The 600 point army restriction this year makes it quite a bit different and alot faster compared to previous years with 800 points, which means we are looking at 6 games over three days. Looking at the army lists so far it’s a pointy stick competition with alot of Spear and some Chariot armies, which will be really interesting to see how the guys use them. As I originally was going to take my Egyptian Chariot army, but decided after a few games that I’d get butchered to easily on the smaller playing area.

Here's a list of the players and the Armies that I have got so far.

Player Army Year
Stephen Ladanyi Mitanni 1595BC
Richard Woolford Later Mycenaean 1200BC
Arthur Young Lydian Greek 600BC
Philip Grey Classical Greek - Spartan 480BC
Chris  Later Carthaginian 215BC
William Mays Late Republican Roman 81BC
Kevin Carberry Early Scot
Robert Wood Viking 900AD