08 February 2014

Club Day

Field of Glory Ancients was the game of choice today at the Club, with the Battlecry Tournament coming up next week that's not a surprise. So we ended up 3 tables of FOG and one of Lord of the Rings. Jason and some of the guys did roll out a large game of Lord of the Rings, which I completely forgot to get some photos of, which was a shame, as it looked awesome. It sounded like it was a very close game. I got a good look at the Goblin King box set, very nice indeed, but way to expensive to buy it in NZ.

My first game was my usual 600 points of Vikings up against Glen’s Seleucid's and there blocks of Pike. (ekk …Pikes… hated them before… and still hate them). Just to mess with me Glen won the initiative roll and took the Woodlands.(Bad for my Vikings, but also for most of his guys) So deployment was a bit disjointed, and I had to run my Vikings across the table and avoid the terrain. Things started well as I smashed two battle groups of Elephants. That was about all that went well for in the game, as I slowly but surely got beaten down. Then I ran into the pike….. game over very soon after. In hind site there wasn't much more I could do other than hang back wait for a possible out flanking move. Fun game..(I definitely hate pike.)

Second game I took on Arthur with his Polish something's (Later Day I think). Anyway lots of mounted and Knights, with practically not terrain. Oh joy, a running game for the Vikings, the slowest moving troop type there is. I was expecting to be smashed in this game, so I tried a few new tactics. Spreading out my troops instead of having the usual continuous battle line, which worked rather well as I managed to stop Arthurs light horse from getting in behind me until the last couple of turns. Thanks to a few critical failed rolls by Arthur, I slowly whittled down his Knights and several other groups. Only to have my Vikings charge completely across the table and spend three turns in vain trying to turn around. I won as I managed to finally get to his camp. (Post game reading of the rules and I realized I messed up their a bit, but it would have only given Arthur one more turn before the same outcome) A hard fought game, perfect for practice before next weekends tournament.

Later on in the evening I busted out the LCG of Call of Cthulhu with my wife. The first Cthulhu game of the year and also the first time using my painted figures. The painted figures really looked the part and they completed the look and feel for the whole game. I also added in one of the expansion packs I got for Christmas, and just played with extra large decks to see what the new cards would be like. A close game, which I ended up winning. The expansion pack has some nasty surprises in it, which I can see getting down right devastating when some thought gets put into building a deck. I must try and play more of this game it has fast become my favorite card game.

So onward's to Gaming overload next weekend at BattleCry.