01 February 2014

W.I.P and the Month that was January

So a month had already past for 2014. And I’m still keeping to my pledge of not starting a new game and just working on what I have. To that end I started a spread sheet of what I've been painting. January was a good month with 35 models completed, lots more built and my second Garage kit started.

Elf Assassin - 1/6 scale Garage Kit

Games wise I’m running at a 50/50 win/loss which is bloody good for me. I'm hoping that will be the trend for this year...... fingers crossed.

I've been working on all my Flames of War stuff over the last couple of days with the Mega big game tomorrow. I've got all my T34’s magnetizing and been  building the Tank Killer Company SU-100’s, along with the massive task of re-basing 70 stands of very old Russians I got given. Not that any of them will see the table tomorrow, since they aren't ready yet.  But at least the task is under way.

Flames of War - RussiansFlames of War - Russians

Flames of War - Russians

This coming month is mainly about the Field of Glory and the Battlecry Tournament. My 600 point Viking army should fair well if the dice are even half kind to me. Following the tournament I’m off on a short holiday, blatting over to Melbourne with Will to see "The Centenary of Military Aviation 2014 Air Show". We will get to see a bunch of stuff we haven't seen before, and it's my first time to Melbourne so really looking forward to it now.