15 February 2014

Battlecry 2014

Drop the “Battle” and just Cry 2014 is more like it. One win and two utter wippings.

My first game was up against Chris with his Cathy’s. Having played his army several times before I knew what to expect. With a good start on the terrain deployment and some bad rolls on Chris’s side, I walked up and rolled through him wining well and truly. The game was won on my overlaps, and share numbers in each of the smaller battles over the game.

The second game was a completed turn around as I faced of against Richard with his Later Mycenaean. The outcome was the same as last year when I played him. I got completely wiped out. Probably the worst every terrain deployment for my Vikings. No I’m not making excuses, Richard is a superb player and won on skill, but the terrain didn't help me at all. I spent half of my forces chasing Chariots off that I was never going to catch while the other half got slaughtered. A few bad rolls and some mistakes by me. Getting my support to close causing a chain reaction of failures and Richard destroyers me.

Game three I faced off Steven, who I had never played before, running a force similar to my New Kingdom Egyptians. Terrain this time was much better. I knew straight up that I was in for a long fight, and spent the game running across the battlefield chasing his five battle groups of Chariots. I hadn't learnt from my previous game and got myself into pretty much the same situation as in the previous game with getting my support group in to close. This time I saw it coming, but not quite soon enough to stop it happening.  Crash, Bang, Wallop… I lose completely again. Still it was a fun game and the guys are all really good spots.

We had plenty of time to walk around and see what else was happening and I shot a bunch of other photos.
Some good old Epic looking awesome.

 6mm Gaming .... crazy small scale to paint.

28mm Napoleonic 

Star Wars Lego display.

Three games of Field of Glory Ancients done and dusted….all great fun, but I’m definitely ready for a better day tomorrow, better on the wining side that is.