25 August 2021

First print

 First resin print... well it was very disapointing. I followed the instrucitons and tried printing the anycubic cubic test print.... complete fail..... twice. A bit of cleanup work when things fail.

Then I tried a goblin print with some of the default setting and bamm.. working. First one wasnt quite right on the exposure times, but second one worked a treat with some tweaking. All part of the learning curve. It's defiantly a learning curve as its very differnet from FDM printing. But the results are looking really good so far and I'm only a few prints in.

And now I just washed and cured two knights that came out really nicly ....

photos arnt great, (mobile phone shots)  but you get the idea.

Now to learn more about teh Slicer software and printing options.. And try somehting a bit larger

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