31 August 2021


This morning I woke to find the entire local area under flooding conditions. with the water come up from the river some 3-4 meters, and getting scarily close to the house.  We were lucky and the rain has stopped and waters starting to lower. Our back paddock between us and the forest completely underwater. Fingeres crossed the weather holds long enough for the water to drop back down to normal. 150mm of rain in 12 hours was a hell of a lot of water.

So not alot of painting or printing done today. But I have learnt some more. Found this morning that some of the resin in the vat had cured, so my hobbies room is obviously to light. So i'll have to rethink the setup. For now its all cleaned down and I just dumped the rest of the resin into a contain and cured it. Not going to risk wasting more time with resin that has started to possibly cure in the vat. 

I think it will be a purpose built cupboard with extraction fan in the garage in the near future. in the mean time, some painting to relax is in order.

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