28 August 2021

The fear of resin

 Half and half, My print last night, half was successful and half failed on my print of the Gorogoth. Half the print stuck to the FEP sheet, and the other half was fine. Learnt a few things and what not to do in the future. Had to do a full clean out of the vat and then clean up the FEP sheet, which was a mission. And had to learn a few more things on how to best clean it out. Interesting view on YouTube by various people.

Then second attempt on the parts that failed, also kinda failed,  it started sticking to the FEP and making a poping sound, which I find out later is meant to be ok. I stopped the print out of fear of the FEP breaking/tearing. And cleaned the vat out again to check it. This time the FEP had some serious parts stuck to it, and learning the hard way how not to do things. 

So tomorrow I think test cleaning the FEP sheet again, before I replace it. Be good to get in some practice and workflow methods of how to best handle the vat now that I've rearranged my room to accommodate the new printer.

 I also printed off some handles from my FDM printer for the covers of the new printer, so when I'm working with gloved hands and potential resin on them, it wont mess up the cover to much. Used 3M picture mounting Velcro so I can remove them later on if I decide I don't like them.

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