19 August 2014

Axe welding manic versus hard drive

Axe welding manic (A.K.A Mark) versus hard drive …(a just because we can moment)
It was a well fort battle, Mr Hard Drive taking a beating but not with out a fair amount of back lash, but in the end Mr Manic walked away with the win and a rather sore hand.

Just another normal Sunday Morning in South Auckland

On Sunday I got in a game of Bolt Action. First in while, and got my butt kicked by Phil’s Americas. The rules sure fade from the mind fast after after 5 weeks. That's the problem when you try and cram in so many rule sets into the madness in my head. Also doesn't help when you try and cram in mindless facts and figures that I need to remember for an exam I need to pass very soon. Sometimes I really hate being an IT geek.

I got well and truly toasted by the America air support blasting one of my units completely to bits. the the rest of my guys got pretty well mashed. But that's how the dice roll sometimes, or don't as this case was.

Will has finally found his painting mojo and his Germans are starting to look really good.

Mark's also been on a painting mission and got some of his vehicles looking awesome.

So based on this rate of game play we have well and truly committed to playing Blot Action for the longest period over any other game in the last few years, we may even see it catch up with the overall most played game, being FOG, which we normally play alot at the being of the year in prep for the BattleCry competition.

Only time will tell.