24 August 2014


Work intruded on my morning a little so I only managed to get in one game of Bolt Action today by the time I got over to Mark’s place. This time I was playing Will with his Germans. So for a bit of a change up I adjusted my last list and put in a tank, just proxyed it with my T34/85 that I have for my Russian force that I haven't started yet. As I want to get a feel for what type of tank I want to get before going out and buying it.

Will rolled up the Maximum attrition mission and then Mark setup the table for us, which looked great with all the work he’s done on the buildings.

The game started out about even, but I had the nasty Tank and a Recce vehicle to deal with which caused be no end of trouble over the game, with nothing that could damage the bigger German tank (cant recall what it was) from range I only have my suicide anti-tank guys that had a small chance to take them out.

Bolt Action Japanese vs German

Bolt Action Japanese vs German

Bolt Action Japanese vs German
Veteran suicide bomber beginning his run down the road
My Veteran suicide bomber was a man on a mission, he ran down the entire length of the road taking shot after shot and getting so close to his target only to be totally blitzed after having half of Will’s army on turn on him and take him out. (Which they did in the end, but only after Will used alot of order dice)
In the end my mistakes on a few units, not getting there pin markers off them and some poor rolling at the beginning saw me lose after 7 turns. I had 4 of my 11 units left and Will had 6 or 7 of his 10. So I didn't get my butt totally kick, unlike last weekend.

Will’s done a nice details write up of the battle on is bog,Will's Ramblings NZ
I’m still enjoying Bolt Action, even with it’s few odd rules, that Recce vehicle rule is a bit broken I think. But I guess I can have a vehicle that has that rule as well, so fair is fair.

So with the gaming itch nice sated I headed home for some more pondering over how to change my list and include some bigger guns to deal with the German tanks.

oh yeah, and Will had done up a tee-light candle for flame and smoke damage, which he got to use on my tank once he destroyed it.... very cool look... not so cool