22 August 2014


Thank the Gods it's Friday, 8pm and I'm still working. Ahhrrrrr
The one good thing is I can do this work from my office at home.
Although this is the part that I sit around and watch a small line of dots creep slowly across the screen.

Today liquid of sanity is a simple light drop of Kirin. A smooth and easy drinking beer.

I'm currently putting together my two new cav units and cleaning up the metal riders. The Harquebus unit it rather nice, I think I like these guys the best so far out of the cav units from Warlord. Looking foward to painting these guys. 

Oh..oh... Another blip further along...man it's going to be a long night.... Life of an IT geek when shit goes wrong ... Is you have no life outside of a 17 inch screen... The story of the week .. Shit happens ... Way to much for my liking.

Back to more fun things, I also need to decide on a basing scheme for my Greeks. The plan is to make a whole bunch of them dual purposes, so I need to base them up for Hail Ceasar 2x2 models on square bases/ movement tray, then have them actual models on round bases. This way I'll be able to use them in things like Saga and other small skirmish games. Marks looking at doing the same thing for his army, he's currently looking at 20mm rounds on a 50mm square base. I don't think that will work with my Greeks, think I'll need to go with 25mm rounds. Time for some surfing and searching for bases inbetween checking on servers. .... Roll on Sunday gaming.