29 August 2014

Beer O'clock

Friday again, and another new beer to try out.... seems to be a habit forming here ... oh what a shame.

It's official, I'm a sucker for good advertising. Being a fan of the probation era I, movies, gaming and artwork alike it was a must buy. The label is a very accurate for discription of the taste, hitting the spot for Friday night.  It's making me want to bust out a few games of Gansters.

More horse work underway, keeping up my fast pace of painting I'm getting through them. The last 24 horse for the army. My macro lens really does show up all my mistakes, but I don't really care, I'm having fun painting this way and the models look pretty good once they are all on the table. 

My painting table is rather full at the moment and my last few Bushido models are screaming to be finished, so they may get some attention this weekend.