15 August 2014

Plastic Crack

Tonight's post is bough to you by Tuatara APA. I just had to buy it and try it out, as it reminded me of Henry a captive Tuatara (A dinosaur lizard) that is about 110 years old and became a father a few years back. Now that's stamina. I took some photos of him some 15 years ago when I was down in Invercargill. (Aka the ass end on NZ..not a bad place, just freakin cold in winter). The beers a nice drop, not to hoppie for me and hasn't triggered my asthma reaction to beer, so that's a definite plus, and at 5.8% it not trying to kick ya head in like some of the boutique beers do with high alcohol content.

On things more gaming, The nefarious cat trying to steel my plastic crack while I was at work today. Caught on camera by "The Boss", thankfully she rescued the box from the teeth and claw destruction

Yes my Greeks for Hail Caesar arrived today.
$#$&@?!  What have I done.
Now I have even more to paint, 

So this is the start of my Greek army, the plan is .....lol..(yeah right like I ever stick to my gaming plans)
Is to gather all the models and slowly chip away at them to have ready for march next year when we plan to have some big games at the club.

Interesting thing about the Warlord boxes compared to there Pike and Shotte box sets, is they have no bases. Not a major at all, but since I had purchased my Pike and Shotte boxes first I was expecting them to come with base. 

"The beer bottle is broken damn it... It's empty already..  Guess that means ill be buying more in the future"
So I've come to the conclusion that I have an plastic crack addiction. Well I've always known it, so why fight it, I'm now going to alter my new year resolutions' as I've managed to fail even coming close to it in the last few years.

My new motto ... "Those who die having the most fun win" 
Life is to short to limit ones fun.

Roll on Sunday gaming. :-)

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  1. Tuatara is a very nice drop. Have fun with alllll those Greeks :)