08 August 2014

G-Gnome to the privates

After a rather crappy start to the day and being in a grumpy mood, I was driving to the office (a bit to fast) listening to an audio book for distraction. Larry Correia’s, Monster Hunter International series, book two. Called Monster Hunter Vendetta. When the main character gets into a fist fight with gangster gnomes.

Yep .. gangster gnomes…. pointy hats and attitudes with one known as “G-Gnome”

Now having played DnD and Gnome characters for many years, I have a well developed love for gnome characters, along with some preconceived ideas of what they are like.

Safe to say Larry nailed it, I was laughing and smiling by the time I got to the office car park. One of my favourite narrator Oliver Wyman adds some great vocal character to the audio book. Took me ten minutes to to stop listening to the book and drag myself out of the car and into the office.

So my day turned out pretty good in the end and I’m now an M.H.I. fan. Best part is Larry is a gamer and painter as well. You can find him at http://monsterhunternation.com

Now to the prepping for the big game tomorrow and Guardian of the Galaxy on Sunday.

P.S. You will need to read the book (or listen to it) to get my title of this post .. but I think you can  probably work it out. :-)

Monster Hunter Vendetta


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