04 August 2014

Battle of Marston Moor

So with the anticipation of the upcoming Pike and Shotte battle the usual battle banter has started with the Royalists waving there flag on how they will outnumber and overrun the puny Parliamentarians. Which then led to me having a unit of Dragons, an upgrade from Dragoons, and then there was talk about “frickin sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads”…which then reminded me of a movie I have yet to see “Sharknado 2”

image Hmmmm … does one laugh or cry?


“Keep Drinking Scotch and Carry On”

Back to small things with pointy sticks.

The powers that be, (a.k.a. Arthur) have chosen the Battle of Marston Moor as our theme for the game. Now since I've been completely and utterly buried in getting my army together I haven't spent any time  looking at the history of the battle (yeah I know I’m slack in that department). But I’m going to endeavour to actually look it up and read about it….one of these days.

So far the Parliamentary forces have gathered into quite an impressive army

My Northern Association has joined Arthurs Eastern Association and those damn Scots have changed sides (The poor Royalists needed some help). So this what we have turned out for the parliamentary side.



Also in preparation I finished up basing some more model railway tree’s I picked up a while ago on the cheap.

2014-07-31 18.16.54 2014-07-31 18.18.31

Can't wait for the weekend to roll around now.