01 September 2014

Beer and Paint

Tonight brings on the urge to drink beer and paint, listening to random old school metal as the rain pelts down outside.

Life is awesome

On Sunday I got in a rematch with my Japanese against Wills Germans. I used a slightly refined list from what I’d previously been using. It ended up working out rather well, mainly due to the absurd dice rolling that I was doing. Will’s blog post goes over the game so I wont repeat that. http://willsramblingsnz.blogspot.co.nz. But it was a sound beating in the favour of the Japs.

Here’s my list I used, which I think I’ll drop the LMG’s and use the points on something else for the next games, as it's only 1 extra dice with the LMG's at an extra 20 points. Seems a bit of a waste.
Japanese Reinforced Platoon
Japanese Order Dice: 12
Platoon #1
1 Second Lieutenant
    2 Infantry

4x  IJA Infantry Squads Regular  @120 each
          1 NCO with Rifle
          1 Infantry with Light Machine gun
         8 Infantry with Rifle 24"
1x Medium Machine Gun team  Regular @50
1x Sniper team Regular @50
1x Flamethrower team Regular @50
2x Suicide Anti-Tank Team Regular @20 each

1x Type 94 Tankette  Regular @70
1x Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium Tank Regular @190
I forgot to change the lens on my camera so I only snapped a few pic’s of the game.