08 September 2014


Day one of my holiday and the wife still has more marking to do (she’s a Lecturer at a local University) So I get a pass to go play some games with Mark since he has Mondays off. Life is awesome.

Game of choice today is still Bolt Action, and we decide on Envelopment scenario since haven't played that mission yet. We dice off and Mark choices to be the defender. He deploys all of his forces on the table and I go with all of my force in the first wave.

First turn is me running on in most places spread across the table edge, putting the larger numbers on my left flank. I get the first shot off with my Chi-Na at Mark's tank (Churchill I think it was) I miss, Mark shoots back and misses. The rest of the turn is spent moving up to the buildings and getting into positions.

Turn two see the tanks shooting and missing each other again. I run a Suicide bomber at Mark’s Reece vehicle to see if I can make him run away and use his order dice. But he decides to stand and shot, which results in a suicide.

One of my units makes it to the first row of buildings forcing mark to retreat back to a building on the other side of the street. We each score a few kills on various units, but nothing to damaging.
Turn three and we are neck deep in combat. One of marks units moves up to the hedges on the road and unloads into my 15 man squad that got pined in the last turn, 5 die, then he then pings the same squad again and two more die. Three pin marks now, and I try and rally them, I fail of course, even with a commander standing next to them. My right flank teams just stall as targets aren't available and it’s the flank I’m using to draw Mark in on. On the far left of the table I advance my guys up and return the destruction on the unit that has my squad pinned in the open. I take out five of them, and then score another couple of hits on them from my command team. Mark manages to get one of his unit’s to assault my tank but doesn't do any damage and they retreat to the safety of the building.

Ooh..look ...Sushi

I move one squad down the main street to try and take a building on the far side in the next turn, Mark counters with his next order my moving a MMG team into the building. (Dough) Now I’ve managed to block line of site from my tank to Mark’s Churchill with my troops (Standing in the open street), so that forces me to move my tank up. (Which ends up a good plan) I do so and at the same time provide some cover for quad standing the street. I turn the tank so I can fire the hull mounted machine gun into the MMG team which just took the building I wanted.  While the main gun pop’s the Churchill and immobilizes it. I score a hit on the MMG team in the building pinning them, but no damage.

I then charge my other unit out of the safety of the building cross the road and go to close combat with a team that just assaulted my tank. 10 guys vs my 8. I roll rather well and win taking the building.

Mark then sneaks his Reece vehicle around behind my Chi-Na tank and shoots it in the rear which I exposed to try and take out the MMG team in the building. He manages to miss, so I charge a unit at the Reece vehicle as he runs away. (Damn) I forgot about the unit in the building right behind the Reece vehicle …that squad dies in a hail of bullets.

Turn four and I get the first order dice and charge a suicide bomber into the Churchill and finish it off. Then Mark fails several morale checks as his units go down. I run a couple of my units down the centre road towards Mark’s side of the table so they are in move distance of the edge of the table, putting them in Marks deployment zone to secure some VPs. We trade a few more blows, then I charge in on the MMG team in the middle of the table holding the house. Dispatching them means I hold the middle of the table and the main street.

Beginning of turn five and I have five units in Mark’s deployment zone, so Mark’s calls it with no chance of stopping them and his unit numbers right down.

A good fun relaxing day playing games, just like holidays should be.