11 September 2014

TiriTiri Matangi Island

An epic two days of walking, some 38,000 steps and 1900 photos taken on our stay on TiriTiri Matangi Island. Home again, the old body is absolutely smashed, 7pm and I’m struggling to stay awake.

An amazing twos day’s spent on the island reserve staying to the DOC (Department of Conservation) bunk house on the island. We even got to see a wild Kiwi at night, rather briefly, but I can now say I've seen one in the wild.

The island bird population has exploded since I was last there five or six years ago. I got to watch some North Island Kokako feeding and take some shots of it for the first time as well. More photos tomorrow as I’m too damn tired to sort the rest out tonight.

North Island Kokako
North Island Kokako