27 September 2014


Game two: Rob vs Yvonne: A two player game of Civilization the board game, done and dusted in four hours. Being only our second game, we decided to leave the "Wonders" out of the game as suggested in the rules for beginners. With having a much better idea of what we were doing in the game this time around we both had plans from the start. I choose the Chinese and Yvonne took the Russians.

I found the game progressed much faster than our first, which wasn't  unexpected, we did find the begining half of the game was still the slow part. But it's much more crucial and really affects the end game, that was really apparent about half way through the game were we both had turns that stalled and we couldn't do much.

We were running neck and neck for most of the game. I was going all out and trying to win by the Cultue track while Yvonne was going for the Technology track again. I was about four turns away from winning by Culture, maybe three if I played my cards right and Yvonne was about three turns away on the Tech track, when she pulled a sneaky and used her abilities from her Russian card to full effect, and won again.

The art work in the game is awesome and the quality of the box and components is excellent. The game itself is what I describe as "Meaty" in both rules and play time. But if you invest the time to learn and play, it's an excellent game. Defiantly not a board game for beginners in the realms of gaming, but well worth it I think for those wanting to step up from games like Catan. 

I also saw today they have some expansions out for it as well which looked like they have some other interesting twists in them and additions. (Still a long way of from looking at thos getting those, but an option for sure)

On the modelling side of things I got a bit more done on my truck and also my other tank for my Japanese Bolt action.