26 September 2014

beer, blogging and sweetie eye balls.

All good things change, so they say..no idea who said that, but anyway, I've been playing around with blog templates and redone my blog look, still got a bit more stuff to do but getting there. The new look for a new future without massive dept. yep clocked all my dept on the head today. So I'm feeling pretty god damn happy about life.

Now being Friday that of course means it's a new beer to try out. This time I've gone for another brew from Tuatara. There Belgian Dubbel, which has evapored, along with most of the water content in my body. Thats the effect of Thai for dinner, I was sweeting from my eyeballs it was that dam hot, God damn it was good. It's a very flat style beer, very little head on it, and not hoppy at all, which I like. It's got heaps of flavour, which I suck at describing, so won't attempt to describe it, especially with a chilly flamed palet. This one will be added to my list of "must drink more of"

Not a lot of painting this week with getting back into work, but looking foward to a game on Sunday and trying out my Bolt Action jap Tankette.