15 September 2014

Kiwi, Falcons and Tuatara's

So continuing my holiday, Today we spent in Rotorua or Roto-Vegas by us locals. I never could get over the sulfur mineral smell of the place. The thermal springs push out what can only be described as a freshly oven backed rotten egg. Thankfully the pungent smell comes and goes and only lingers in some places. It’s been many years since I've been here and it has changed quite alot for the better.

First up today we went along to Rainbow Springs and didn't there Kiwi behind the scene tour. The place is setup exceptionally well, and we got to see the incubators full of Kiwi eggs the size of ostrich eggs and watched a person inspect one of the eggs, as well as see a chick in the process of breaking out of it’s egg and hatching. That wasn't much more than it’s noise out of the shell and it will be a few more days before it gets completely out. (still very cool to see) We also saw a 5 day old chick and an 11 day old chick. Softball sized fluff balls with longs beaks and legs. Because of the noise and darkness we weren't aloud to take photos etc of the Kiwi but we could of everything else outside of there enclosures.

So of course the lizards were on my list of must see, we managed to see the baby Tuatara’s getting feed and talked there keeper. About midday when we went back the adults were all out in there enclosures as well moving about.

Baby Tuatara

After lunch we headed over to Wingspan to see the New Zealand Falcon. I managed to get a few nice shots of them flying, and a heap of shots of blue sky or farmland, these beautifully birds a so damn fast,

So another awesome day on holiday.