24 September 2014

We finished!

Yes after about 6.5 hours we finally completed our first game of Civilization last night. Yvonne ended up sneaking off and winning by a Tech Victory, in the process decimating my Military. I wasn't to far behind on the Tech level, and I had a good lot of coin which would have given me an Economic win if I hadn't of changed my mind halfway through the game and started going for a Tech victory. I probably still would have lost, once Yvonne worked out how the Military worked after I pasted her first few attempts in battle, she wiped my Military off the board.

I was surprised how much we enjoyed it, with the rather complicated set of rules the first game was always going to be a bit of a grind stone. But playing half the game one night and then coming back to it again two nights later made it seem shorter than it was. The second half of the game played faster, as the escalation of tech levels and the things you could do increased, speed things along.

The rule book is a bit hard to follow in places, but after a few turns and then some YouTube watching we had the rules pretty well sorted by the end.

 Our next game will be alot more enjoyable, having gotten our heads around the rules, it will leave us to concentrate on some sort of tactics, and of course will play alot faster as well.

It’s a very interesting game and with all the wining objectives and ways you can win the game. It makes quite a different game style from what I’m use to playing. It’s been a fun game so far, so I'm looking forward to the next attempt…cold winter night, roaring fire, a large scotch and a good meaty board game…Life must be good.

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